Evolve into your Highest Version and create the Intuitive Foundation for Feminine Sovereignty & Radiance


A transformative and uplifting 12-week 1:1 program to teach you how to reconnect to your ancient, divine feminine wisdom and empower yourself in the most embodied, intuitive, and Soul-guided way.

Start date: May 30th, 2022.


Is this you?

  Do you want to embody your divine feminine essence and reconnect to your intuitive, creative, sensual, magnetic, and receptive energy? 

  Do you wish to learn how to listen to your intuition and fully trust your divine inner guidance?

  Are you ready to finally listen to your Soul’s Calling so that you can live as the embodied version of your Highest Potential?

   You know deep down that you came to this planet to do great things for the collective, but you're still trying to figure out how to do that?

  Do you feel called to reconnect to your highest aspects, the divine, ancient wisdom, nature, your infinite wildness, and your feminine cycle?

  Are you done with people-pleasing and ready to let go of social conditioning to feel empowered, self-confident, and sovereign?

  Are you ready to embody the beautiful Goddess you came here to be and own your light unapologetically so that you can lead the way for others?


"Working with Elaine turned into deep self-connecting expedition for me. She helped me to find time to listen to myself and pay attention to what I hear and feel. As a result not only I got deeper understanding of my true motivation and desires but began trust myself better and make decisions in deeper integrity to me. Elaine led me to expand and align my inner-world."

~ Inna ~

Take a deep breath with me, and imagine this...

  • You feel lit up by your life, work, and mission - every single day - and the mere thought of actively making this world a more beautiful place excites you

  • You reflect the Goddess that has been inside of you all along in the external world as the life of your dreams finally materializes

  • You feel empowered, self-confident, and liberated from social conditioning

  • You set boundaries with ease, follow your pleasure, and shine your light unapologetically

  • You feel deeply connected to the universe, the divine, nature, your feminine cycle, and personal power

  • You communicate with your Soul and the divine regularly and embody your archetypal, magnetizing, radiating, sensual feminine energy

  • You understand your ancestral imprints and tap into the strengths of the powerful women who came before you

  • You can see the beauty in everything that is - no matter what's happening in the world around you


When you say yes, you will

✔️  Learn spiritual practices and practical tools for life so that you will always feel resourced and guided

✔️  Know yourself on the deepest level so that you can become a conscious and empowered creator of your reality

✔️  Thrive and stop playing small and experience how it feels like to fully stand in your power

✔️  Align with your authentic expression and purpose to find more happiness and fulfillment in life

✔️  Embark on a spiritual journey to self-empowerment so that you can become a leader for others yourself

The Evolving Goddess Mentorship offers you...


This six-phase program will lay the foundation of feminine empowerment and set you up for a lifelong intuitive journey of growth and expansion. EGM will provide you with ancient practices and practical tools that will make you align with your Soul’s path and help you reclaim your sovereignty as an ever-evolving creator. It will also guide you on how to trust your intuition and cultivate balance within.


Throughout this 12-week journey, you will have unlimited support and direct access to me, 6 days a week. This includes video calls, voice & text support, and a learning portal full of resources. Within the intimate calls, I will be helping you integrate the transmissions of each week and support you in exploring your inner processes.



You will have lifelong access to the online portal and content. Each week, new content will be released. I will meet you wherever you are on your journey and reflect you back into your truth. Work through the material at a convenient pace. This will give you enough time for self-exploration to integrate and embody all of the lessons.


Twelve guided ceremonies will take you on an enlightening and uplifting Soul-journey. These weekly rituals include ancient practices and guided meditations that will help you embody and integrate the transmissions, activate your divine feminine essence, enhance your intuition, and amplify your self-confidence and magnetism.


  • You will get access to timeless and exclusive bonus modules to strengthen your connection to the divine
  • A powerful guest speaker will share her wisdom with you about cosmic ancestral connections
  • Guided meditations and extra foundational tools for whenever you need them

Are you ready to start this journey?


About Elaine Valerie

 Certified Life Coach  •  NLP Master Practitioner    Yoga Teacher (200h)

I believe that every woman is a beautiful Goddess
who deserves to live life to its fullest in her most authentic and empowered expression. I want to see you rise above your self-doubts and step into your light where you belong - without self-imposed limitations. I'd love to see you follow your heart and tap into your spiritual essence so that we can co-create a beautiful world together.

I've been on my own spiritual journey for more than 20 years, and I found my purpose in helping women empower themselves in the most nourishing, enjoyable, and intuitive way.

In serendipitous ways, the universe offered me many opportunities to work in the marketing-, Yoga-, fashion-, modeling-, and music industry. These extraordinary experiences have challenged me in ways non-replicable for most. My non-linear journey has taught me a lot about self-expression, self-confidence, and self-evolution. I was an over-achiever, but I wasn't very good at listening to my heart or taking care of myself.

I felt depleted on a Soul-level. Doing too many things that 'sounded exciting' but weren't coming from my heart literally burnt me out. Due to ignoring my intuition for way too long, it had become really quiet. So I had to take a break, work through my mental and emotional shadows, and recalibrate myself until I felt in alignment with my true Soul-path again.

Reconnecting to my intuitive, divine feminine essence was a key element in rekindling the ancient wisdom inside me and listening to my heart again. Now I want to share everything I've learned along my own journey and be your guide while you're evolving into your most empowered, intuitive, and sovereign self.

The Evolving Goddess Mentorship
~ Modules ~


Coming back ‚home‘ to yourself and embracing your divine feminine essence. Drop into the mystic, intuitive parts of yourself and reconnect to your natural cycles.

Ignite your spiritual connection and lay the foundation for the transformational work of the upcoming weeks by reconnecting to the fabric of the universe.


Deep immersion into sacred feminine wisdom. Activating your sensuality through embodiment practices. Honoring and nurturing your physical temple in the most loving and intuitive way.

Make self-love unconditional and elevate your sense of self-worth. Set strong boundaries while empowering yourself and grounding yourself into your truth.


Exploring your mind and emotional body. Deep questioning. Illuminating the Shadows. Integrating and letting go.

Unveil the depths of your own emotions through Shadow Work, discover your limiting beliefs, become aware of your negative patterns and habits, and learn how to reframe your mindset and shift your energy.


Reconnecting to your roots and honoring your ancestors. Liberate yourself from energetic imprints and shadows that aren’t yours to carry anymore.

Learn from the wise women who came before you and create a positive, healing ripple effect on your ancestral line.


Learning how to trust your intuition and inner guidance. Activating your Feminine Sovereignty in your entire being. Become magnetic and radiating to finally manifest the life of your dreams.

Implement Archetypal Wisdom and embody your inner Goddess.


Coming into alignment with your ever-evolving personal truth. Expressing your unlimited potential and authentic self.

Pursue your Soul's Calling and follow your heart and passions. Utilize your light to give back and contribute to the co-creation of a world you desire.

Are you ready to shift your reality and answer the calling of your Soul?


Are you ready to shift your reality and answer the calling of your Soul?

~ Annie ~

"Elaine has a presence in coaching that makes you feel comfortable enough to talk through uncomfortable parts of life. She asks questions that hits the nail right on the head, and helps you in developing a better understanding for how to change, overcome, or grow- depending on the issue you’re facing. If you’re looking for a coach that’s in-tune spiritually, and that wants to help women feel empowered, then Elaine is the one to ask for guidance."

~ Shilpa ~

"Elaine's focus on being authentic and true to my inner beliefs has taught me how to be comfortable with my lifestyle choices, views, and thoughts. She has given me clarity on how to put my needs first and care about myself before I can care about others. She has helped me identify and celebrate every small win instead of just waiting for that one big dream to materialize. Thank you Elaine for opening my mind to new ways of celebrating myself and life in general."

~ Dominika ~

"I love working with Elaine. She has been invaluable in exploring the depths of my mind. Her knowledge, skills and intuition have resulted in changing my mindset and opening my mind and heart to new possibilities. Intuitive. A wonderful listener. Spiritually nourishing. Thank you for helping me discover new dimensions of reality."


2222 €

One time payment

  • The investment includes lifetime access to the program and any of its future upgrades
I'm ready


Dear beautiful woman, I would love to walk this path alongside you.

Together, we’re going to dive deep into the aspects of you that aren’t in full expression and come into balance within yourself, allowing you to feel more in your power and aligned with your Soul to live your highest purpose.

Are you ready to Goddess-up your life?



Dear beautiful woman, I would love to walk this path alongside you.

Together, we’re going to dive deep into the aspects of you that aren’t in full expression and come into balance within yourself, allowing you to feel more in your power and aligned with your Soul to live your highest purpose.

Do you finally want to embody your inner Goddess?